Create an animation that explains what IsoMetrix does, who uses it, how it works and why someone would choose to use it. 
Design + Art direction + Lead animation​​​​​​​
Additional animation:
Dewald van der Merwe
Character design:
Henri van der Merwe 
IsoMetrix is a business management software company. IsoMetrix software allows you to manage all different aspects of your business from a central point... To put it simply... As far as I understand it.
They wanted something that was cool, clean and simple and after going through a couple of possible styles, we determined that embracing the existing company CI would work best.

‘Ridiculously talented’ is a trait you definitely want in an animator. Video is becoming more and more critical in digital marketing, and creating a stand-out animated explainer video that cuts through the noise is not an easy task. Less easy is creating this video for a niche company specializing in technical and difficult-for-the-layman-to-grasp enterprise risk management software.  This is exactly what Roger did when IsoMetrix hired him to create a 5-minute animated explanation of what IsoMetrix is in the latter half of 2017.
His talent does not merely speak for itself, it roars through every frame of the video.
What the video does not tell you, is the dedication and care that Roger puts into his work, how he diligently meets deadlines and applies himself to understanding exactly what his clients need. He is a pleasure to work with!
The video enjoys prime real estate on It received universal praise from the IsoMetrix directors and the sales team are delighted and excited to have this secret weapon in their arsenal.  
Roger would be an asset to any company wanting to animate their brand – literally and figuratively – and comes with my whole-hearted recommendation.

Beatrix Knopjes, Digital Content Specialist at IsoMetrix

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