rogr that 
rog·er ˈt͟hat  \ ˈrä-jər  t͟hət \
Definition of ROGR THAT
plural roger those \ˈt͟hōz\
1     a  :  used to indicate that a message has been received and understood.
       b  :  used to express assent or agreement can you do this? rogr that
2     a  :  aka Roger, a freelance motion designer/ animator currently transplanting ideas in South Africa. He is always keen to collaborate on cool and interesting projects, especially ones that can make an impact through educating and empowering people or even (actually especially) just some good old-fashioned art for art's sake.
Examples of ROGR THAT in a Sentence
"Can you use your black magic motion design powers to communicate our important message to the world?" "Rogr that!" 
My tools of choice are Ae, Ai, Ps, Pr and occasionally C4D or Blender, but I am always up for trying new things and learning new skills.
Some stuff about me:
Addicted to after effects, motion design and tutorials.
Like to diddle bezier handles and finagle key-frames (don't forget anchor points!).
Want to tell stories that matter and can empower and make a difference.
things that inspire me: nature, music (making + listening), reading, geometry, patterns, science, science fiction, humor as the voice of reason
If you want to share some ideas or have any questions, please send me a mail.
Thank you kindly
You can also find me on twine
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